Welcome to King of Thai Noodle

The King of Thai Noodle House at Grant Avenue is one of many locations throughout San Francisco. At King of Thai Noodle House, we are pleased to offer you the highest level of authentic Thai cuisine and service.

Just try our savory duck or chicken noodle soups, or our comforting Rad Nar or Pad See-Ew stir-fries and you will instantly agree. We are also proud to offer Anthony’s exquisite renditions of many of the great traditional Thai entrees, curries, and fried rice specialties. Whether your tastes run to seafood, lamb, poultry, beef, pork, or vegetarian, Anthony has created a delectable dish with your dining enjoyment in mind.

Join us soon for a royal dining experience. We look forward to serving you the finest authentic Thai food the Bay Area has to offer.